In rainier-than-average climates such as Southwest Florida, having adequate commercial storm drains is essential. A properly functioning drain will collect and then redirect water away from your property via drainage lines. But once it is damaged or clogged, your business might be at real risk of property damage from flooding and backups.

Storm drain cleaning is important for protecting you from these serious issues. There are several services that you may need to call Avis for in order to keep your building dry:

Hydro-jetting (also called “water jetting”) jetting uses water under varying amounts of pressure to clean out drain lines. The water is delivered via heavy-duty hoses and powerful pumps, so it can remove even the toughest blockages in a commercial storm drain. This is a highly economical and efficient method for cleaning out drains on a frequent (e.g. quarterly) basis.

A big storm like Irma and/or years of neglect in maintenance can result in major backups in your storm drains. Grease buildup, overgrown and invasive tree roots, and mineral deposits are just a few of the issues that can get out of hand once your drainage lines are overwhelmed. Avis Plumbing & Air Conditioning should be called to regularly clean out these pipes and drains.

In addition to regular cleanings, business owners can take advantage of drain care products to protect their plumbing systems from long-term damage. Environmentally friendly solutions such as RootX keep roots away from storm drains, allowing water to flow more easily. A qualified Cape Coral plumber like Avis can help you determine if such a solution is appropriate for you.

Regardless, maintaining your storm drains is vital to protecting your property. Be sure to call Avis Plumbing & Air Conditioning at (239) 481-1511 for cleaning and maintenance before an emergency arises.

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  • Taylor Bishop  April 19, 2018 at 3:02 pm

    Thanks for explaining how to clean a storm drain. I actually didn’t know that hydro-jetting could be used for this because it can help remove tough blockages. I’m kind of interested to know if this could also help find a potential problem in the drain when cleaning it, because the drain becomes more visible.

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