Experiencing issues with your AC or plumbing is never a pleasant occurrence. Seemingly small things can often escalate into an emergency issue when not taken care of in time — which can, in turn, translate into money lost every month due to system inefficiencies and countless dollars spent on costly repairs.

To alleviate this and save you the trouble of dealing with a major catastrophe, Avis Plumbing and Air Conditioning offers a “Residential Energy Savings Agreement”. When put into place at your home, this ensures that your system is running in tip-top shape (keeping your utility bills down) and that your service needs are met effectively and in a timely manner if and when a problem does arise.

At the beginning of your agreement, Avis will come to your place of residence and perform a full inspection, followed by another 6 months later. The inspection itself includes the following:

  • A full visual inspection of your system, especially checking for any rust or corrosion from our Southwest Florida environment
  • Checking the refrigerant pressures and adjusting as needed (important for diagnosing various problems)
  • Changing air filters
  • Testing existing safety controls (like pan floats — “kill switches” that we can optionally install to prevent flooding in the home)
  • Checking all electrical components as well as lubricating anything mechanical that needs it
  • An in-place cleaning of the evaporator coil if it is accessible, which is typically the biggest point of failure for a home that doesn’t change their filters like they should
  • Vacuuming and cleaning out drain lines

And the best part? 24 hour emergency service with no overtime rates!

The additional benefits of a service agreement include:

  • 10% discount on repairs
  • Priority customer status
  • Lower utility bills
  • Extended equipment and appliance life
  • Fewer repairs
  • Improved capacity
  • Inflation protection
  • Agreement is transferable

Avis has 50 years of experience with commercial and residential plumbing and air conditioning. All of our technicians are skilled at their craft and dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service. Our scheduled service agreements are just one more way that we can make your experience better and more cost effective. By choosing Avis for all of your service needs, you can be assured that an experienced technician is only a phone call away. We offer quality service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you are interested in saving money on your future service needs, contact Avis today and ask about our scheduled service agreements!