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Like any busy business owner, you don’t have the time or manpower to fix a leaky line, deal with drain dilemmas, or tackle toilet troubles. Resolve plumbing issues quickly with help from the commercial plumbers at Avis Plumbing and Air Conditioning. Whether you manage a store, a restaurant, or an office building, you can depend on our licensed plumbing contractors for quality workmanship.

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Avis is a premier provider of commercial HVAC services in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples, Bonita, Sanibel, and Captiva. We offer a wide selection of commercial HVAC services in Lee and Collier counties in southwest Florida. Whether you are in need of routine maintenance, emergency repair, or installation of a new commercial AC or heating system, our highly trained commercial HVAC service technicians offer prompt and courteous service while helping to ensure maximum comfort levels at your place of business. Our Cape Coral commercial HVAC services are designed to keep heating, cooling and ventilation systems functioning at maximum efficiency.

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Some Of Our Commercial and Utility Services Include

The back flow preventer in your commercial plumbing system is a safety device that protects domestic water from becoming polluted. This is a central device that keeps you and those in your building safe from contaminants in the water. In the state of Florida, you are required by law to have a working back flow prevention system. In addition to a back flow preventer that is installed by a certified plumber according to local codes, you must also have your back flow prevention system tested annually to ensure that it is functioning properly. Failure to comply with local laws in the maintenance of your back flow prevention system can cause you to be heavily fined and may even result in the discontinuation of your water services.

While many plumbers are able to handle a variety of small plumbing jobs, you should ensure that the company you hire has experience with and is certified to install and perform inspection on commercial back flow prevention systems. The expert technicians at Avis Plumbing and Air Conditioning are trained and certified to install, repair, or test your back flow preventer to ensure that it is in proper working order and meets all state and local codes.

Cape Coral backflow valve certification

Most municipal and city building codes require the installation of a backflow prevention device at each cross-connection point found within the plumbing systems of apartments, condominiums, restaurants, and most other public and commercial buildings. The type of backflow preventer required will be in line with the degree of hazard present on the premises.

A backflow prevention device most commonly consists of a pair of mechanical check values that prevent dirty water from flowing back into the clean water supply in the event of an unexpected or drastic change in water pressure. If properly installed and maintained, a backflow preventer will keep drinking water safe and free of contaminants.

Our expertise ensures that keeping your backflow assembly certified and in good working order takes up as little of your time as possible. Our technicians are typically in and out within 30 minutes, with your water shut off for only 10 of those on average. This minimal downtime is something that Southwest Florida businesses have come to appreciate, as this minor inconvenience will help you avoid:

– Hefty fines and fees,

– Possible liens on your property,

– and disconnected service after 30 days of certification expiry.

If you are a business or property owner who is in need of backflow preventer certification, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Avis Plumbing and Air Conditioning at 239-542-4421.

What exactly is “backflow” and why worry about it?

The official law of backflow prevention goes back a long way. It was 1973 when the Environmental Protection Agency established the “Safe Drinking Water Act” as a means of protecting public water systems from harmful contaminants and pollutants that may enter the water system through cross-connections, backflow, and back-siphonage.

Backflow prevention is important because we assume that when we turn on the water tap, we have safe drinking water. This is a luxury we enjoy, but not without very strong regulations and considerable expenses. Our drinking water is among the safest in the world. Water protection and conservation requires the effort and cooperation of everyone.

Because of this, customers who have cross connections are required to have backflow valves in place to prevent contaminants from entering the public water system through their individual plumbing system. Backflow assemblies are devices installed on cross-connections to prevent water from flowing backwards into public water systems.

Drinking water normally flows in one direction (from the meter to the house), although under certain circumstances it can flow in the opposite direction or “backflow.” A backflow incident can happen at any time. All that is needed is a water pressure drop in the public water system main line, creating a “vacuum” that pulls the dirty water back into the source of clean water. This is most commonly caused by fire fighting, hydrant flushing, flow testing, a water main break, or an extreme high usage of the water system. Any connection to a non potable water source not protected could be siphoned back into the public water system, which can pollute or contaminate the water system.

The most common type of backflow assembly is a double check valve assembly, which consists of two independent check valves, two resilient seated shut off valves and test cocks. To ensure they work correctly, all backflow assemblies must be tested annually (with the exception of atmospheric vacuum breakers) and properly tagged upon passing.

In addition to yearly testing, backflow preventer assemblies must also be tested at the time of installation as well as after repairs or relocation. After all, backflow preventers are mechanical devices and, like any mechanical device, they will eventually fail. Because of this, Florida requires that every backflow prevention device must be tested at least yearly to verify its operation. Failure to do so could allow a backflow event to contaminate the public water supply and harm people or animals.

When there is not a main appropriate for your house or commercial property to connect to for water services, you may need to install a water main. This often happens when new houses and buildings are constructed on property that was previously un-built. These are essential to receiving uninterrupted water service to your property. If you are in a newly constructed area, you may need a water main or sewer line installed. Fire hydrants are also essential to the safety of those in and around your property. There is no second chance when it comes to fires and these hydrants are often the first line of defense.

Any fire hydrant or water main that is newly installed or replaced needs to meet all state codes and requirements. Avis Plumbing and Air Conditioning is a licensed and experienced company that can ensure that your fire hydrant or water main and sewer installation is done properly the first time and meets all necessary codes. Are you having issues with your current fire hydrants or water main? With 24/7 emergency service, you can rest assured that any repairs or service that your fire hydrants, or water mains and sewers might need are only a phone call away.

Grease traps are devices that are installed in your plumbing system to prevent grease, fat, and oil from reaching and blocking up your sewer line. These devices separate the grease or other materials from the wastewater and prevent it from reaching the sewer line. Blockages caused by these substances can result in a damaged sewer system and require costly repairs. To avoid such issues, it is vital that your commercial grease traps are installed correctly and cleaned on a regular basis. All commercial cooking facilities, including restaurants, school cafeterias, and catering businesses, are required by Florida law to have grease traps installed and serviced to maintain proper working order. This helps to ensure that these harmful substances do not reach and cause issues in the municipal sewer system.

Avis Plumbing and Air Conditioning is your go-to company for the installation and repair of industrial grease traps. With 45 years of industry experience, we are skilled in the installation and servicing of grease traps for restaurants and other commercial properties. Whether you need an installation for a new construction or are just experiencing problems with your current grease trap, call Avis and we will help ensure that your grease trap is doing its job.

Lift stations are designed to pump waste water to a higher elevation from lower lying residential and commercial buildings. Whenever municipal facilities are located above the drainage system of your home or office, lift stations transport the sewage upward at a rate that prevents back flow. Given their essential function in maintaining clean water lines and preventing potentially costly damage to your commercial property, it is important that lift stations be installed properly, routinely tested and maintained, and repaired at the first sign of an issue.

By regularly maintaining lift stations, you can minimize costs by lengthening the life of your system and preventing damage that might require costly repair. Routine maintenance also helps to avoid backflow and clogged sewer lines, which prevents many later sewer issues and eliminates potentially dangerous health and safety concerns. Though proper maintenance of lift stations can prevent most problems that need repair, your equipment may wear out over time. If you experience an emergency or need a repair, contact Avis Plumbing and Air Conditioning immediately to access your situation and provide a successful solution. The professionals at Avis are trained and licensed to install, repair, and test commercial lift station equipment.

Experiencing issues with your utilities is never a pleasant occurrence. Service needs can often become an emergency issue, which can translate to countless dollars spent on costly repairs. Service agreements are put into place to ensure that the service needs of your commercial building are met effectively and in a timely manner, while reducing the overall cost to your facility. Avis Plumbing and Air Conditioning offers scheduled service agreements for commercial facilities which will help to minimize overall costs and ensure that all of your future service needs are taken care of.

Avis has over 50 years of experience with commercial and residential plumbing and air conditioning. All of our technicians are skilled at their craft and dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service. Our scheduled service agreements are just one more way that we can make your experience better and more cost effective. By choosing Avis for all of your service needs, you can be assured that an experienced technician is only a phone call away. We offer quality service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are interested in saving money on your future service needs, contact Avis today and ask about our scheduled service agreements!

Though you may not think about it often, sewer pumps are an integral part of your sewer system. They keep things running smoothly and prevent harmful safety concerns. It is essential that any pumps initially put in your sewer system are installed correctly so that your sewer lines work properly. Once installed, there are a number of materials or objects that can clog or damage your pumps. If you need commercial sewer pumps installed or repaired, it is essential that the company you entrust with this job has the knowledge and experience to install or service your sewer pumps.

We at Avis Plumbing and Air Conditioning are trained and licensed to install and repair all types of industrial sewer pumps. The professionals at Avis believe in doing the job right the first time to prevent potential hazards and minimize your costs. Whether you need a new installation or are having issues with your existing sewer pumps, Avis can help restore your system to a proper working order. If you are experiencing a sewer pump emergency, there are qualified technicians ready to access and fix your pump issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call today for more information on our sewer pump installation and repair services.

Do you notice your parking lot flooding every time there is heavy rain fall? You may need to install a storm drain system or repair your existing storm drains. Storm drains help control the runoff and channel it so that it does not create flooding on the pavement. Flooding can cause excessive damage to your building and surrounding property, creating damage that is expensive and often time consuming to fix. Flooding on the pavement can also create hazardous situations that may put you, your employees, or clients in the way of danger — and potentially cost you money in insurance claims.

In some cases, you may not have a proper drainage system in your parking lot. Installing storm drains will help to properly manage runoff, prevent flooding, and prevent slipping hazards. If you have a storm drain, but still experience flooding, you may need to have your drainage system adjusted or repaired. Keeping your storm drains in working order and free of debris and other blockage is essential in maintaining your property and preventing damage.

For important projects such as this, it is important that you hire a company that has experience, equipment, and all of the necessary qualifications. Avis is licensed and insured in the state of Florida and has experience in the installation and repair of storm drains. Avis uses state of the art Vac-tron equipment to ensure your storm drains, storm sewers, and manhole cover openings are flowing freely and clear of debris.