Pet Owners Guide to Improving Indoor Air Quality

Your furry friends are sure to improve the quality of your life, so don’t let their hair and dander impact the air quality in your home! 

 A number of factors can affect the quality of the air in your home, such as pet hair, dander, outdoor allergens, and dust. To make your home more comfortable for you and your little companion, we’re sharing the many ways to improve air quality, straight from the experts at Avis

Keep Your House Clean

Keeping your space clean is one of the best (and easiest) ways to improve air quality within your home, especially with pets. A clean home can be accomplished in these few simple steps:

  1. Vacuum regularly and deodorize your carpet
  2. Use a lint roller on clothing and furniture
  3. Dust often
  4. Clean pet’s litterbox and the surrounding area often
  5. Wash pet toys and collars/harnesses

Maintain a Proper Pet Grooming Routine

Simple steps such as brushing your pet weekly can go a long way in minimizing shedding. A reduction in shedding produces fewer hair particles in the air, preventing your air filters from clogging up. Aside from brushing daily, regular grooming and bathing can be very beneficial. Deshedding treatments not only benefit your pet’s health but can also be a simple way to reduce the amount of loose pet hair in the home. Keeping your pet groomed helps reduce dander buildup and keeps your house and pets healthy!

Check and Replace Air Filters Often

You’d be surprised at how many homeowners overlook their air filter. The purpose of your air filter is to prevent any dirt, dust, pet hair, and other contaminants from entering and flowing through your system. Normally, it’s recommended to replace your air filter every one to three months. Although every household is different, it is recommended for those with pets to change it every month.

Wash Bedding Regularly – Yours and Your Pets

You may remember to wash your bedding weekly because you sleep in it every night, but do you remember to wash your pet’s bedding? In the same way that we wash our sheets to remove oil, sweat, and dirt, we should wash our pets’ bedding regularly to do the same. The more you wash your pet’s bedding, the less chance it has of housing the particles and contaminants that produce poor indoor air quality.

Schedule Regular Inspections and Maintenance

Even if your unit has never malfunctioned, it’s best practice to schedule regular inspections and maintenance to ensure your unit is in optimal working condition. Scheduling preventative air conditioner maintenance is essential and minimizes the need for repairs in the future. 

In addition to regular maintenance, scheduling an air duct inspection at least once a year can help you identify certain issues that may be decreasing your home’s air quality. Our skilled professionals at Avis can provide Air Duct Video Inspections to diagnose issues and determine if your ducts need to be cleaned.

Call the Experts

Despite the fact that many factors may have an impact on your home’s air quality, there are also many ways to ensure it remains clean and healthy. You can always rely on the experts at Avis Plumbing & Air Conditioning to provide you with fast and quality service for all of your A/C needs. You can call us at (239) 542-4421 / (239) 481-1511 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, where we serve areas throughout Southwest Florida.

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