Being a property or facility manager is a career that requires wearing several hats. You must be informed of current trends and regulations in various fields directly related to managing properties such as plumbing, HVAC, electrical, fire safety, OSHA, and waste removal regulations.

Plumbing is often at the top of the priority list for property and facility managers to handle on a daily basis. For example, if you currently oversee commercial properties with millions of square feet of space, or are a property manager of an apartment community comprised of 400 units, you are certainly bound to come across some form of plumbing issues regularly. Commercial property managers that deal with high rise buildings know plumbing issues are a challenge all of its own.

It can take the pressure off of you when you know you have a reputable plumbing contractor to work with. The experienced plumbers at Avis Plumbing will not only be there to accommodate any of your plumbing emergencies, but they do so with a friendly demeanor while providing outstanding service.

We have put together several tips that could help our property manager friends get through some tough issues. Please read through these and if we could assist you with any project please let us know.

1.) Know Who And What You Are Dealing With

It is imperative that property managers always avoid accepting a plumbing contract via telephone. Think about this realistically, while dealing with a service contractor over the phone may save you time, how can they quote you a price on a job prior to inspecting it? They cannot, and this is how you can avoid having a plumber show up and surprise you with additional service charges.

There are endless reasons as to why a certain plumbing issue may arise that cannot be diagnosed over the phone. Landscaping problems such as tree roots that are in sewer lines or defective drains that were initially installed incorrectly could be the culprit, which is why the plumbers at Avis will visit your site and give you the details of their inspection, along with a thorough price quote so there are no unexpected costs.

2.) Ensure Your Cape Coral Plumber Is Accredited

In Florida, you must obtain a plumbing license to perform any work, especially when it comes to commercial properties. A property manager or commercial facility manager can actually result in paying a hefty fine for not utilizing an accredited plumber on your site. The plumbers at Avis meet all of the state and local requirements.

3.) Leaking Toilets Can Waste 90,000 Gallons A Month

Can you believe it? Depending on the type and severity of the leak, a single leaking toilet can waste up to 90,000 gallons of water in a month. Who knew? For a property manager, this can equate to huge water bills. Spread this across numerous toilets and numerous properties and the water bills can be astronomical.

The plumbers at Avis can help you track down leaks of all types and help you reduce your water consumption — and water bills. Not only is tracking down a leaking toilet good for your pocket book, but it also helps save our precious natural resources.

4.) Water Heaters Need Checking

Just as your car may need a tune up, so do your water heating systems! Regardless if your water heating system is a single unit for a small office unit or a larger system that heats the water for a hotel or apartment building, it is best to have the water heating systems checked out regularly.

This process involves draining the water heating system, which in turn will flush out any sediment that has made a home in the water heating system. During this inspection the plumbers at Avis can carefully review all of the safety relief valves and ensures that your water heating systems will be working more effectively and safely throughout the year.

5.) Virtually All Metals Erode At Some Point

How quickly the process of metal corrosion begins varies depending on the piping material as well as the chemical and physical characteristics of what is being transported through those pipes. Corrosion develops as a result of alkaline water, salts, sulfates, oxygen, sand, by-products, rust and by having sediment form in the water heating systems.

The plumbers at Avis can utilize a video scope inspection system that can provide you a first-hand view of what has occurred with your pipes. If there are problems with the pipes, Avis can repair or replace them as needed, bringing the plumbing system back to as-new status.

6.) What Is Considered A Plumbing Emergency?

Any of the following can require calling your local plumbing service for a quick remedy:

  • Broken pipes
  • Overflowing toilets
  • Flooded bathrooms
  • Corroded and leaking pipes
  • Sewage leakage

In conclusion, it is the property manager’s obligation to always ensure that all tenants are residing or working in the building(s) safely and happily. Having a plumbing issue does not have to ruin your day, you simply need a reputable service provider to handle all jobs big or small — and fast! The plumbers at Avis Plumbing & Air Conditioning are reliable, local and a trusted brand for all commercial and residential plumbing needs.

Avis, who has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, has been serving property and facility managers from Cape Coral to Naples since 1956. All it takes is one call to (239) 481-1511 and you’ll be able to focus more on what matters most — your tenants.

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