Yes! Homes require a lot of routine maintenance in order to keep things in good working order — this is especially important if you plan on selling your home some day and wish to preserve its value. Because of this, service agreements are extremely beneficial to homeowners and property managers here in Southwest Florida. Often times the home’s integral systems like the plumbing system and HVAC systems are the farthest things from the homeowner’s mind because they work in the background — until something goes wrong, they simply don’t pay them any mind. Service agreements helps ensure that these systems are properly maintained, which means fewer expensive catastrophes in the future. Well maintained plumbing and HVAC systems will have far fewer surprises in store for a home owner.

Service agreements establish a schedule of regular and routine maintenance for some of your home’s most vital systems: the plumbing system and HVAC. It is likely that the homeowner knows nothing about how either of these two systems work, which means that these systems could be getting neglected — which down the road could lead to an expensive breakdown or major disaster.

Forgoing regular routine maintenance established by a service agreement could cost the homeowner more money in repairs down the road. For example, your home’s water heater requires regular maintenance to continue operating at peak efficiency. With a maintenance agreement for your plumbing system, your water heater can be flushed and inspected annually to ensure it is working correctly and efficiently. As part of your plumbing maintenance agreement, your annual water heater tune-up will also decrease your chances of needing costly repairs later: a service agreement with Avis can help save thousands in repairs should your water heater leak or flood, not to mention the stress of such a plumbing disaster. By performing regular maintenance, you will catch small problems before they become major repairs.

A service agreement will help ensure that things are running efficiently, saving you money in monthly operating costs. A service agreement that provides routine maintenance to a plumbing system can also help with leak detection, saving you water and money. And, likewise, when it comes to your air conditioning, making sure that your HVAC unit is leak free and clean will also save money in operating costs and future repairs. No one wants to replace a compressor if it burns out from running too much due to coolant leaks, and ensuring that that your air conditioning system is leak free can help prolong your need to replace your system for a number of years.

In fact, there are many areas of the home (or the whole property, if you are a property manager) that should be cared for regularly and could benefit from service agreement. Lift stations, HVAC and air conditioning systems, septic tanks, gutters and storm drains — a service agreement helps keep everything in proper working order.

Save yourself the worry and call Avis today at (239) 542-4421 to talk with us about setting up a service agreement to ensure that your property stays in great condition for years to come.

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