Do You Really Need That Tub?

For a long time now homeowners have been told that they have to have a “garden tub” in a main bathroom — regardless if anyone would actually use it or not. And it didn’t matter that the cost of the tub would put a real dent in the homeowner’s wallet. What mattered was resale value and having that tub to make sure the house could be sold.

Ask yourself if you really want that tub. If you’re a bath person, ask yourself if the tub absolutely has to be in the main bathroom, or if you can do with a nice-size tub in another bath instead.

How High Is Your Vanity?

If your home is older than about 20 years, the vanity in your bathroom is probably 30 inches high. While that height can be great for small children, it really doesn’t work for adults. The standard now is 36 inches — far more comfortable for adults.

If a 36-inch vanity is too high for you and you don’t want to invest in a custom vanity, consider a floating one. These can be placed at just about any height you’d like; simply adjust the space between the floor and the vanity. Just make sure to have enough support in the wall so that the vanity can easily hang without coming loose, and make sure that you have enough space alloted for any plumbing fixtures that might be in the area.

Do you stand at the vanity to put your makeup on? Wouldn’t you rather have a place to sit to do so? A place with a big mirror and all of your cosmetics stored neatly at hand? If so, consider a makeup desk instead. If you choose to integrate one with your vanity, you’ll have to work with the height difference. Remember that a vanity for an adult tends to be 36 inches or so tall, while a makeup desk is usually 30 inches. If you really want a large, uninterrupted counter, you’ll want to look into a seat that’s stool height for the makeup desk.

Many Shower Options

Today’s showering experience entails nearly unlimited possibilities. Standard showerheads are just a starting point. There are body sprays, handhelds, rain heads and more.

Before you begin, plan out the location of each of these elements. For example, consider placing a standard showerhead up higher on the wall if you’re tall. And if you plan on having a shower bench, why not make sure the handheld can be used while you’re shaving your legs? A little foresight and planning make make your shower experience all that much more enjoyable.

And remember, don’t put the controls in a place where they can’t be reached without getting wet! Getting soaked by that initial spray of cold water is something you’d be better off living without if you can help it. Put the shower controls in an accessible place! Your local Cape Coral plumber can help you with this.

Built-In Storage

A great way to provide space for shampoo and conditioner bottles (and even things like candles and flower vases) is to create a niche or series of niches in the wall of a shower or bath area. These niches are a welcome alternative to an ugly plastic shower caddy or the shower floor — and since they are inexpensive to construct, there’s a lot of value to be had.

The trick to adding these niches in an aesthetic fashion is to coordinate their placement with the tiling pattern. It’ll mean selecting your tile early and not changing your mind, as well as having the wall framed to accept the niche. Totally worth it, though.

Hooks, Towel Bars, and TP Holders

It often seems that the placement of these things, always a necessity, is one of the last thing to be considered. They really shouldn’t be an afterthought, though — especially when they can be such fun design elements! When planning your project, think about where the hooks, towel bars, and toilet paper holders will go so that you can get that all-too-often-overlooked blocking installed in the wall early and in a place you’ll find comfortable for years to come.

If you have any questions when it comes to redoing your bathroom, feel free to call the professional Cape Coral plumbers at Avis.

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