No household plumbing problem is more frequent and more persistent than drain clogging. Chances are that you will need to deal with a clogged sink or shower drain in your bathroom at least once during each year. Fortunately, many times you can use a basic plunger to get rid of the clog. But for the times when a plunger isn’t enough… you’ll have to call skilled Cape Coral and Fort Myers plumbers to solve the problem.

It’s important that you don’t use chemical cleaners as a second step to attacking a bathroom clog. These chemicals are acidic and harmful to drainpipes, and they also create toxic fumes. Rely on plumbers and their special tools to care for your bathroom plumbing in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and all surrounding areas. You can reach the team at Avis 24 hours a day whenever you need sinks or showers unclogged fast.

Frequent Causes of Bathroom Clogs

  • Hair: No other object causes as much of a headache for bathroom sinks and showers as hair. Hair often gets trapped in the grime that lines pipes or is found down in the p-trap (the curved pipe section below the sink) and starts to accumulate. Eventually, the hair will form a dense plug that can be extremely difficult for plungers to break through. Plumbers can use motorized drain snakes to remove hair clogs. To help reduce the chance of these types of clogs occurring, make sure you have a drain cover for both your sink and shower.
  • Soap scum: It’s difficult to prevent soap from going down the drains in bathrooms, and soap scum is a common problem as it begins to build up along the drain pipe. Not only does soap scum threaten to block up a drain, but it can create acidic chemicals that will damage the interior of the drainpipe. Using a mesh drain trap can help.
  • Small objects: Any number of items sitting around your sink or on the ledge of a shower (such as the cap for a plastic bottle) can accidentally fall down a drain and create a tough clog. Avis has the experience to extract objects like this (which can be a life saver if it’s also a valuable object like a wedding ring!).

You can skip the (often repeated) chemical drain cleaners and call Avis Plumbing & Air Conditioning for help with your blocked drains. When you contact Avis, you’ll receive a skilled plumber who will take care of the problem quickly and completely. In fact, you can rely on us for any plumbing service in Southwest Florida, just give us a call at (239) 542-4421.

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