Lift station repair is important, because lift stations have a variety of uses. Regardless of how or why they are implemented they remain a vital — and often forgotten about — aspect of many businesses and neighborhoods.

Large pumping stations that deliver water to canals here in Southwest Florida are vital components of our water system and need to be maintained. Lift station repair is also often needed by water treatment plants, mining and pumping operations, and many other industrial and commercial applications.

On a smaller scale, lift stations are often used to lift sewage from a building into a sewer line to flow to a treatment plant, or used as a booster to keep waste flowing down the line. These systems are very beneficial (and necessary) for property owners, but when problems go unnoticed or are not attended to promptly or properly, the result could escalate into a major catastrophe very quickly.

Most people pay little attention to lift stations when they are functioning properly, but they suddenly become hugely important when they don’t. When natural disasters strike, such as tornadoes and hurricanes, power outages cause lift stations to stop working. This is one of the main reasons why utility companies work so hard to restore power after such occurrences. They realize that these situations can lead to malfunctions and end up in costly lift station repair.

A lift station typically uses two basic types of pumps – a grinder pump and a sewage pump. One issue many property owners experience is when the sewage pump clogs and stops working efficiently. While grinder pumps are less likely to clog, commercial and industrial property owners should be aware that all lift station pumps can, and do, clog.

If you are a property manager responsible for your sewage pump or lift station repair, never allow solids such as sanitary napkins, baby wipes, and diapers to go through it. By ensuring this, you can prevent potentially large problems and avoid the need for expensive lift station repair. Also, it’s important to have maintenance performed regularly by a professional contractor like Avis who has the experience to diagnose and repair any lift station issue you can think of.

Property owners, business owners, and homeowners who need to ensure the upkeep of a lift station should give Avis a call at (239) 542-4421 to make sure their lift station is on a proper maintenance schedule. We are extremely experienced with lift station repair in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and Naples and are familiar with both the common and uncommon causes of lift station failure or exceeding wear.

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  • James Suhan  July 1, 2016 at 1:39 pm

    I had no idea that lift stations were this complex. We are looking to purchase a 28 acre farm near Alva and there is are lift stations on 2 corners of the property. We knew nothing about the upkeep involved, so thanks for the information. We’ll definitely be calling you guys to see if you service our area, it certainly seems like you guys are the lift station repair professionals in the area.

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