Keep Your Home Cool While Cooking This Holiday Season

Planning to have friends or family over for dinner this holiday season? As many may know, the holidays can be much warmer in Southwest Florida compared to the rest of the country. Cooking for large groups can cause a lot more heat in your house, leading to your home being uncomfortably warm for your guests.

Stay cool this holiday season with a few tips from your local A/C experts at Avis Plumbing & Air Conditioning.


Limit how often you open your oven

Ovens are the main culprit of added heat in your home during the holidays. To keep your home from feeling too warm, try to limit how many times you need to open your oven door. Every time that door is opened, heat escapes and accumulates in the kitchen. Opening the oven door also increases the amount of time it takes for your food to cook.

Instead, use your oven’s light feature to check on the progress of dinner rather than peering in every time. A more high-tech option would be a digital meat thermometer that sends alerts to your smartphone when your meat has reached the desired temperature. Either way, you’ll keep the heat in the oven and out of the rest of your home.


Turn on your exhaust fan

If any recipe calls for stovetop cooking, be sure to utilize your exhaust fan to help keep your kitchen’s air clean and comfortable. Usually located above your stove, exhaust fans help remove heat and odors, such as smoke, by carrying them outside. They also remove moisture from the air to prevent your home from feeling stuffy or damp. It is important to remember to have regular cleaning and maintenance of your exhaust fan and its attached ducts to ensure it is functioning properly.


Lower your thermostat

The easiest way to keep you and your guests comfortable this holiday season is to lower your thermostat by 3-5 degrees. Additional people inside your home means an increase in body heat, along with any heat given off by your oven or stove. Your air conditioning unit can compensate for this, keeping everyone cool and comfortable. Make sure your AC has been maintained over the past year so that it will function properly when you need it the most.


Need A/C Maintenance?

Air duct blocked? Exhaust fan not working? The experts at Avis Plumbing & Air Conditioning are happy to help. With over 50 years of experience, our technicians possess the knowledge and skill to have your air conditioning unit back up and running quickly and efficiently. Don’t get stuck in the heat over the holiday season because of a broken A/C unit.

We offer same day, 24 hour repair service 7 days a week, 365 days a year – including Christmas! Contact us online or give us a call at (239) 481-1511.

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