Whether you live here full time or just visit in the winter months, you know living in Florida can present a wide range of unique air conditioning and plumbing issues. One of those unique Florida problems lies with copper pipe corrosion. When water is constantly ran through copper piping there is a chemical reaction that causes corrosion. Internal pitting corrosion can be extremely costly because it can lead to pinhole formations. These in turn may lead to loss of water from undetected leaks in pipes that are in the slab foundation or even result in high amounts of water damage over time. A lot of time this issue is discovered in the middle of a home project. If the pitting corrosion is caught early on, damage from leaks can be better mitigated. Here are a few signs of corrosion that you may notice:

  • discoloration or flaking on exposed pipes

  • excessive leaking

  • constant need for repairs

  • unexplained increase in your monthly water usage

In Florida, we recommend that homeowners and commercial property owners repipe the entire structure. There are a range different styles of piping that we can use to ensure your peace of mind. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to help you if you find yourself in the position of needing to repipe your Southwest Florida home.

What Is Involved With a Repipe?

Repiping is a thorough replacement (or bypass) of your existing water system. Our team of professionals can replace all valves, pipe fittings and water supply lines. In addition to the piping replacement, any drywall removal that is unavoidable to access the piping system can also be replaced. This procedure will typically include drywall re-finishing, patching, texturing and paint matching of the affected areas.

How Can I Tell If Repiping Is Needed?

Have you experienced:

  • plumbing leaks?

  • rust or yellow colored water?
  • unexplained blue or red hued stains in toilets, sinks or baths?

  • low water pressure?

  • unexplained water usage on your water bill?

If you answered “yes” to the questions above, repiping may be the best solution for your faulty water circulation system. Do you have Copper, older Galvanized, or Polybutylene, piping in your home? With pipe aging, corrosion and rust build up can restrict water flow and can help explain a lack of water pressure. Leaks can cause extensive water damage if not cared for in a timely and professional manner.

Along with repiping, Avis Plumbing and Air Conditioning can help with a new installation or also replace old or defective plumbing fixtures. We offer a full range of installations of toilets and faucets, water heaters and boilers, pump equipment, and more. When the time comes to replace equipment.

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